Our company, established under the brand name of MODELMAK by Mr. Mutlu Benguler in the year of 2006, has started its business life, manufacturing patterns and molds to the industry sector, which are used in the casting processes of machinery parts. Since the year of 2010 and with the practice and experience, which we gained, and with our investments, which we made in direction to the decoration sector, we have been continuing our processes to manufacture decorative products under our new brand name of ODECO and using weightily casting methods.

To get institutionalized and to provide positive contribution in the employment and to increase our service quality and to enter in the world markets, our company has been continuing its activities under the title and trade name of ODECO DESIGN DECORATION FURNITURE INDUSTRY and TRADE CO. LTD. in this sector.

We will continue to invest and expand range of our products in the direction of requirements of different sectors for architectural and decorative applications to be used in different living spaces, such as hotels, coffee houses, etc…